Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.40 – Waffle Stomp Records


We play new music from Dawn Ray’d, Nephilim’s Noose, Jade, and Bummer, we also talk podcast scene bullies, why Spotify hates Blood Incantation, choose your class memes, being a bad fan, waffle stomping your enemies, more barefoot solidarity, and ask Canada wtf is a medicine hat?

Last week we were delved into the Hidden Secrets Of The Tom Hanksian Race. I’m not explaining that any further.

Music Featured This Week:
Dawn Ray’d – ‘To All, To All, To All!’ from Behold Sedition Plainsong (out 25/10)
Nephilim’s Noose – ‘Execution // Resolution’ from Rites Of A Death Merchant (out now)
Jade – ‘Dead Stone Mask’ from Smoking Mirror [EP] (out now)
Bummer – ‘Second Chimes (Terence Howard War Machine)’ from Thanks For Nothing [EP] (out 1/11)

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