Album & Video Premiere: Exitium – Imperitous March for Abysmal Glory


Insects and other invertebrates scatter as the boy flips the stone. The recent rains have brought his quarry to the surface—earthworms writhe in his hands, destined for the end of a hook. A strange creature remains, plump and mottled, and he leans in to get a closer look. Bile rises in his throat when he realizes he’s looking at a human finger, capped with ragged keratin. The rest of a bloated hand bursts through the surface and latches onto his face, pulling him below the earth.

Join us as we sink beneath the soil with an exclusive album stream (and video premiere) of Exitium‘s Imperitous March for Abysmal Glory.

Like the soil it lies in, Imperitous… is a composite substance, formed from myriad elements. “Rooted in Blackened Soil” plunges listeners into deathrash depths with frenetic Vhölian riffs and d-beat drumming before a whiff of OSDM arrives with slow and steady cymbal work (read: clinks). By the time “Abyss Wolf” rears its ugly groove metal snout, all triplet chugs and stilted rhythms, it’s apparent the pressure of the dirt above us can only continue to grow. This descent mirrors the album’s concept, which Exitium describes below:

Imperitous March for Abysmal Glory is a concept album based on an obscure spawn called ‘the underground people’ and their influence on the history of humanity, narrated through facts and characters from different historical periods up to modern times. The lyrics have a descriptive approach and are intended to guide the listener through this story.

The underground people, in our concept, are a dark spawn that live beneath the earth’s surface, near the earth’s core. Nobody knows why they live there, but their existence has always influenced the course of human history, in all its facets, social, political, religious and military.

The album’s musical influences are mainly black and death metal, with references ranging from Belphegor and Monstrosity to more modern bands. It was composed in a very spontaneous way: actually we didn’t jam that much in the rehearsal room but our guitarist M’s ideas were often rearranged by all members. The idea was to create something solid, recognizable and fresh at the same time, a mix of old and new.

From galloping, anthemic melodeath to dissonant, open-string chiming à la Suffering Hour, it’s hard to get a breath in; after all, our lungs weren’t made to withstand the weight of the mantle. Thankfully, the band poked a few holes in the record for us—”Ephemeral”‘s post-metal intro and the symphonic interlude of “AB Aeterno” deliver a fleeting gasp of oxygen before “Dieu Il Veut!” seals our earthen tomb. Check out the video for this final track and push up some daisies for us while you’re down there. It’s springtime!

Imperitous March for Abysmal Glory will be released on May 12th through Time To Kill Records.

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