Premiere: Writhing – “Monolithic Extinction”


It’s time to get wiggly.

We’ve got a banging new death metal tune for your listening pleasure today, and you know it’s good because their from Australia and are named after an uncomfortable, possibly involuntary form of movement. Melbourne’s Writhing is back with the follow-up to their 2020 EPEternalised in Rot, and we are pleased to bring you its first single, “Monolithic Extinction.”

If you listened to Eternalised in Rot, much of what you’ll hear on this track keeps in holding with that. Karhu described it as a beefier Necrophobic with traces of Ulcerate, and that remains an apt descriptor. It’s fast and fiery, its imposing melodies interwoven with hazy dissonance, underscored by a guttural growl and some wild percussion. It speaks to an expansion and refinement of the direction they set out on in their EP, cleaned up, easier on the ears, and all around stronger.

But that’s enough from me. Hit play and get wriggling.

Of Earth and Flesh releases on September 23rd via Everlasting Spew. Preorder it at their Bandcamp or web store, and follow Writhing on Facebook.

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