Flush It Friday: Good Stuff (Probably) Existed Before I Was Born Edition


So uhh… seen any good movies lately?

My music habit of only listening to stuff that comes out tomorrow has also applied to my movie-watching.  Something about watching a movie in black and white, a copy-paste western, or a cheezy 80’s sci-fi flick just never appealed to me. But something about getting older (or getting sick of CGI) makes me want to dig up some old gems and see what I’ve been ignoring this whole time.

While I do a pretty good job of keeping up with current releases, in going to the Academy Museum in LA recently (pictures above), I realized I have absolutely sucked at watching some foundational stuff. I joined the Letterboxd cult to go through some lists and add things to a watch list, and oh boy, is it getting long. Armed with a VPN and many streaming services, I’ve been chipping away and, just in the last two months, watched 20 movies. Some highlights were The Fly, Sexy Beast, Bone Tomahawk, Beau Is Afraid, Body Double, RoboCop, Dr. Strangelove, Hard Eight, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (we’ve been doing this Friday thing for so long, and I just FINALLY decided I should give that a watch? Idiot).

The list can always keep growing, so drop some knowledge on stuff I was too young or unborn to see commercials for (early 90’s and before).

As for this week on the Terrlit, I dropped the usual news, and possibly clowned on a guy promoting his own shit (100% speculation) on Rold’s releases post.

IGoM premiered the excellent Baron:

Exclusive Album Premiere: Baron‘s Beneath the Blazing Abyss

Brock Samson brought the disso:

DISSOllusioned Offerings

Spear showed us how the riffs are made for Beyond Grace:

Video Premiere: Beyond Grace – “Buyer’s Remorse” Playthrough

And of course, check out 365‘s premiere of Breno‘s solo rekkid!:

PREMIERE: Black Band Shirt – Proud Filth

[G/B/Us NAO! ~Roldy]

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