WIN Fell Ruin “To The Concrete Drifts” on Cassette!


FOLKS, if you want one of the gnarliest albums of the year on a chunky analog format, you’d better get in here and show off some got-dang creativity!

Earlier this week, Dumpster Lung got you all hip to a record dropping today that oughta scratch your black metal itch AND your weirdo prog itch simultaneously! To The Concrete Drifts, the first full length from Fell Ruin is chock full of doom passages and dissonance and throat singing. I don’t know too many things in this life, but I do know that you want this album. Even more so, I know you want this record on cassette so you can pop it in your walkman while you powerwalk the mall.

Graven Earth Records is giving To The Concrete Drifts a cassette release with an extremely limited run of just 100 tapes. I’m not good at reeding, so I simply looked at the album art and completely missed the band’s description of the album title. Without that context, the words To The Concrete Drifts didn’t make sense to me. So I need you to help me by creating a new album title that makes the album cover make sense for a dumb dumb like me. For your efforts, you could win one of these limited edition tapes.

Here is the album art for To The Concrete Drifts:

Here is my entry for this contest:

And here is a blank cover for you to do your best work:

Simply post your newly edited album art in the comments below. I will select the best entry and send you a slick cassette, courtesy Graven Earth Records. I wish you all the best of luck. But even if you don’t win, you should definitely pick up a copy of this extremely limited cassette from Graven Earth. It goes on sale t-t-t-TODAY, junior! Jump on it before it sells out.

Follow Fell Ruin and Graven Earth on Facebook and tell ’em all, “AYO”.

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