Quiz: Wrestler or Metal Band?


We need a new subgenre called Bodyslam Metal.

Wrestlemania is just a few days away, fellow sports entertainment nerds! It’s that special time of the year when kids and adults with a tenuous grip on reality come together to watch hours and hours of jacked-up guys and women pretend to hurt each other over minor disagreements. Really, though, wrestling and metal have a lot in common. They’re both loud, feature over-the-top characters, and have a fanbase that is extremely passionate.

In previous years, we here at Toilet Ov Hell have written about the “most metal moments in wrestling“. This year we’re doing something different. You’ve been getting off light, coasting along on your metal and wrestling knowledge. Well, it’s time to put your books away, take out your #2 pencils, and put your wrestling trunks where you mouth is. Ew, gross. Don’t do that. Instead, take our quiz below to see if you know which picture is of wrestlers and which picture is of a metal band. Good luck, brother!

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