Toilet Radio 139: Wrasslin’ & Whiskey


We were all away from everything but we still did this week’s show because we love you. First up, 365 sat down to tell us about manning the booth at an IRL wrestling convention. Listen as notable wrestlers get Mad Online at him for partying too hard. Cringe as you hear him describe playing with Vince McMahon’s worst machinations. What’s the logic behind the WWE’s entrance music? We figure it all out. Is it still real to you? It’s still real to me, dammit. ALSO: Breno got deep into the details of EXTREMELY NERDY metal production at home. Then we discussed Metallica and Megadeth’s merchandising efforts in alcohol, despite the fact that these guys have been sober for yours. Is it a good one? Not particularly! But we’ve got like 5 really good jokes here so there you go. Next week is gonna kick ass. While you’re waiting for that one, you can listen to Toilet Radio #139. WINE SPODIODIE.

Music featured on this episode:

TRAGEDY – “Swallow the Pill” from Fury

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