Premiere: Graveborn – “The Shapeshifter”


Deathcore. How does it make you feel, just hearing that word? I said once before (and I can’t remember where or when) but I do not consider deathcore intrinsically bad… It just seems more often than not to be executed poorly. What if I told you I have some excellent deathcore to present to you today? And I’m only pointing out the sub-genre of music because this is a prime example of how to do it well.

This melodic little banger you’re about to listen to takes a couple of risks and  ends up sounding completely fresh for a genre of music that seems kind of stale. I’m sorry if I’m talking bad about your favorite genre, I really am, it’s not meant to be an insult… deathcore just isn’t my thing and so many of the acts sound similar. But Graveborn fixes that issue, and you can hear for yourself by checking out today’s premiere track “The Shapeshifter”.

In the first minute alone you’ll hear a few creative flourishes including subtle tempo changes and a light progressive flair provided by tasteful use of keyboards. But wait, about halfway through it lightens up and ventures right into prog metal territory. This is the kind of songwriting that breathes tons of life into the genre! They still manage to bring the riffs and the brutality, but “The Shapeshifter” approaches a singularity of melodic, progressive metal towards the end.

If you need further convincing of their excellence, try out the song “Wretched” from their 2016 release Seeds of Life. Songs this rad are littered all over that record, so if “The Shapeshifter” is any indication, The Anathaum is going to be a progression in their sound and an improvement over the production (which was no slouch to begin with). Brutal riffs are doled out with regularity and though breakdowns are present here and there, we’re also treated to some guitar solos sprinkled about which make the music that much more engaging. But then you’ve got tracks like “Halls of Extinction” that are full-on groove fests. Check it out:

The Athenaeum will be released to the masses on May 25th, 2018. Spend some time listening to their older material on Bandcamp to prepare for the onslaught. Follow the band on the Book of Faces for up-to-date information, including tour dates.

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