Riff Beef of the Week: Feeling Moldy


While Joe and I slumbered soundly in the North American TovH bunker, Russian hackers operating under the name Janus launched a DDOS attack on our Terra Nullius compound, effectively barring the Lizard from completing his RoTW mission. Instead, you’ll have to make due with some dank death.

Although the primary function of Facebook is to keep you connected to famous animals so that your newsfeed is flooded with pictures of precious dogs and cats, it turns out you can use the platform to follow bands and discover sick buried treasure from metal’s storied history. Just two days ago one of my CI’s used Facebook to inform me of Rottrevore, a particularly pungent old corpse from the 90s that released an absolutely heinous demo called The Epitome of Pantalgia at the start of that decade. My investigation led me further into the catacombs until I stumbled upon the forgotten classic Iniquitous.

On Iniquitous, Rottrevore capitalize on all of the most putrid elements of early 90s death metal. Vocals that sound like a corpse rasping through years-long deceased vocal chords boil and swirl amid swarming guitar leads and meth-heavy riffs. It’s all juxtaposed against a delightfully trashy drum production and cobbled together into neatly uniform parcels of decaying flesh that allow each song to sound unique. If you like old death metal and have never jammed Rottrevore (who are actually active again) but fancy yourself a fan of bands like Undergang or Nuclear Death, don’t skip this.

Alright, you’ve heard my offering. Bring your own dank riffs in the comments.

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