Flush it Friday: Everything is Exhausting


Welcome back to a well-deserved Friday afternoon. Let’s shitpost out til the weekend.

I don’t really have much for you guys today. I’m physically and spiritually exhausted due to:
(A) physical injury
(B) a demanding work schedule
(C) impending fascism
(D) all of the above.

Good news is hard to come by, but the earth is not yet a smoking crater. Let us join in the weekly tradition of sharing of that which displeases us, followed by that which does not vex us. This ritualistic shot and chaser shall carry us through this disastrous work week into a weekend filled with nothing but good vibes and siqqq jams.

GOOD: Ryan Adams dropped a brand new record this morning! I’ve yet to hear the whole thing, but I’m gonna get on that over the next couple of days.
BAD: A guy that wants to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency just got appointed to lead the organization.
UGLY: I’m not really looking forward to drinking paint thinner.

The floor is yours. Happy Friday, everyone.

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