Toilet Radio Reads Death Metal Underground


Let’s call it a bonus episode. On this episode of Toilet Radio, Joe and 365 Days of Horror are joined by Brenocide and Twitter personality Metal.txt. Join us as we flush the living hell out of Death Metal Underground, the long-running bastion of pseudo intellectual incel metal dorks. We’re reading aloud our favorite try-hard blog entries from the most insufferable people on Earth. Also, listen in horror as my dog tries his best to ruin the entire recording and the other guys decide to talk about Kids in the Hall as I chase after him. If nothing else, we’ve got A+ jams from Solanum and Couch Slut. It is most certainly a show, folks.

Music featured in this program:
Solanum – “Control” from Judge-Mental (Bandcamp)
Couch Slut – “Funeral Dyke” from Contempt (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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