Riff of the Week: Rap Metal Edition


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Greetings, friends. I, Masterlord have returned to take charge of the only worthwhile thing I have ever thought of in my entire life. Joe, in his infinite glory, won last week’s competition and stuck me with this just really, really great theme.

Next week, let us cleanse our palettes of this foul refuse. I will only be accepting DEATH METAL RIFFS FROM THE LATE 80’s EARLY 90’s, boyyyy. Let’s call ’95 the cutoff year. Deal?

Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation. If you have an idea for a theme, do let me know. Joe likes them. He likes themes.



The riff that starts at 0:19 makes me want to shake my fist into the air at the enemy, whatever invisible entity it may be.



Ill just share this win with whoever else submits it. @3:50, get shot.



Yo masterpantz best post this shit or he might get smoked by da ETAC! Y’all toilet mothafukas best be votin for this or ya might be gettin rekt too! Recognize!


Special Agent Dale Cooper

Mr. Bungle and samples from the greatest movie ever made. That is all, no explanation needed.



Is Solefald rapping here? I don’t know. Sounds like blackened rapping to me. That can be a thing, right? No? Too bad, you’ve been vetoed. Blackened rapping is now a thing. Example: 2:22.


The Dude

Not sure if this counts as rap metal but Kerry King played on it, so that’s gotta count for something right? Riff starts as soon as the song plays but you already knew that, and if Beastie Boys doesn’t have special place in your childhood heart then you have no soul.


Boss the Ross

JUMP IN THE PIT AND SLAM! 2:10 to finish.



Slip into your favorite pair of jorts, turn that cap backwards and flip your parents off as you head out to blast this sic (sic) riff @2:19, from your van while yelling “Gonna take that bootie to the nudie dimension!!!” at any female unfortunate enough to walk past you at the gas station parking lot…



This week’s RotW deserves this. You all deserve this.



Is this a Public Enemy pick or a Slayer pick?


Ted Nü-Djent

At first I wanted to submit a Stuck Mojo song just for Joe seeing as how much he loves them (and possibly getting an opportunity to see if calling him Stuck Mojoe would stick), but fuck it, I’ll play. Intro riff about 10 seconds in on the video






My familiarity with rap metal doesn’t really extend beyond Machine Head’s The Burning Red (I really like that album; no fucks given). But I decided to skip an obvious pick and submit this weird Japanese thing by Maximum the Hormone. This video is pretty funny, and the breakdown riff at 2:03 is pretty sweet (especially with screams over it at 2:36).


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