Riff Of The Week: Rain Edition


Bless these riffs.

Last week we asked for riffs from songs with titles consisting of 3 letters or less. Now I’m not at all mad that The Great Cold scored exactly zero votes, as there were an abnormal number of heavy-hitters out in force for this theme, with Morbid Angel taking out the prize with 2 letters to spare. Great entries all round! Also, I’m mad.

This week our theme was Rain. Pretty diverse mix of genres here, but only one will claim the catchment for itself. You decide which it shall be…

Strapping Young Lad – ‘In The Rainy Season’ (Riff @ 3:10)

Probably made all the more obvious by the fact that we’ve had SYL on here last week. Also Machine Head. You might’ve heard that one of those bands was blatantly “inspired by” the other recently, but you know what else they have in common? Some of the slappingest breakdowns in all of metal on their respective debut albums. This one triumphs over “Davidian” for me because of the vocal harmonies layered on top of it. Just beautiful.

Angelcorpse – ‘Stormgods Unbound’ (Riff @ ?:??)

This whole song is riff after riff after riff. Take your pick and bang your heads. I don’t know what else to say about it. The song’s been getting me through workout after workout for at least the last 15 years. I’ve probably headbanged my way to a concussion thanks to this.
I’m pretty sure Angelcorpse is really just writing about how the Stormgods are probably pissing rain all over us unworthy sacks of shit.

Howard Dean
Alice in Chains – “Rain When I Die.” (Riff @ 1:12)

This song is the total package. In addition to a menacing bass line and one of the most insane vocal performances by Layne Staley, the main riff here is just incredible. What tone! What energy! What feelz! This is why Jerry Cantrell has a seat on the Olympus of riffmasters. Turn up the volume and crank the feelium wide open.

Between the Buried and Me – ‘Backwards Marathon’ (Riff @1:24)

This song is chock full of sweet riffage, but this slidey, slippery one has always been a personal favourite. The guitars are what make it awesome, but the drum work really shines here as well. And if you can’t figure out why I used this song for this theme, jump to 3:14 (or 6:20, for some extra fun).

Thunderwar – ‘Black Storm Will Unfold’ (Riff @ 1:16)

While storms are rather unambiguous when it comes to rain – this official track video puts said “Black Storm” squarely in the rainy kind of storm department with its animated rain.

Almighty God
Eluveitie – ‘Calling The Rain’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Is it a guitar riff? absolutely not. Is it fucking awesome? absolutely yes.

Cenotaph – ‘Ashes In The Rain’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Just as the Gulf stream combines Caribbean heat with Arctic chill, Cenotaph’s turbulent mix of primal American death metal with Scandinavian squalls started storms that still rage to this day. The intro riff which resurfaces around the 4:00 mark replete with a wild solo, is a prime example of this untamable fury.

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Next week the theme is seasick. Send in riffs that give you motion sickness or sound like they were recorded on a boat.
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