Riff Of The Week: Speed Edition


Riffs from First Fragment, Hexecutor, Inquisitor, Deathgrave, Archspire, Turmion Kätilöt, and Excuse.

Last week was our Wind Edition. As my vision is failing I cannot discern which shade of blue won the comp so I’m just going to assume it was mine. Thanks for coming.

This week’s theme was Speed
Here’s what you sent in…

Alphonzo Garbonzo
Inquisitor – “Damnation for the Holy” (Riff @ 0:00)

Fast thrash. The drummer likes to go “click clack click clack” quickly.

Turmion Kätilöt – ‘Faster Than God’ (Riff @ 0:25)

Why do I keep doing this.

Excuse – ‘Sworn to the Crimson Oath’ (Riff @ 4:20)

The number of riffs is n+1

DeathgraVe – ‘Live Fast Die Slow’ (Riff @ 0:08)

Both fast and slow deathgrind from members of the stellar Oakland scene. Greg Wilkinson’s Earhammer Studios has also recorded/produced albums for such no name bands as Autopsy, Vastum, Extremity, High on Fire, and Cormorant.

Archspire – ‘The Mimic Well’ (Riff @1:17)

The Archspire boys have always been pretty speedy to say the least, and this flurry of notes hits like a melodic avalanche.

First Fragment – ‘Fake Repentance’ (Riff @ 0:24)

They describe themselves sufficiently on their bandcamp:
“Nous sommes First Fragment, un groupe de Death Métal Technique Néoclassique Québécois.”

Hexecutor – ‘Macabre Ceremony’ (Riff @ 3:00)

Original idea to match this theme hasn’t been released yet so falling back to an older favourite from a speed metal masterpiece. French? Yes. Cheesy? No. One of the most well-made logos currently in metal too. Bloody thing won’t let me embed track 1 for some reason so make sure you skip back.

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