Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.32] Universal Souljah


We’ve got new death/grind/doom from Ignivomous, Weeping Sores, Engulf, Berated, Galaxy, and Putrescine, we also talk about the very new and relevant Metallica + Megadeth albums, tripping balls at the movies, putrid coffee, multiple attacks @ James Cameron, 70’s sci-fi art, Letterboxd, and all kinds of other important junk. Sorry about the burps.

Catch up on our Top 10 Death Metal Albums Of The Decade or previous episodes here.

New Music Featured This Week:

Berated – ‘Buscemi’ from Berated (out now)
Engulf ‘Bane Of Fire’ from Transcend (out 20/9 thru Everlasting Spew)
Putrescine – ‘The One Reborn’ from The One Reborn (out now)
Ignivomous – ‘Thalassophobia’ from Hieroglossia (out 30/8)
Weeping Sores – ‘Scars Whispering Secret Tongues’ from False Confession (out 13/9 thru I, Voidhanger)
Galaxy – ‘Sons Of Titan’ from Lost From The Start (out 20/9)

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