Toilet Radio 177: Heavy Metal Hair Care


Joe ain’t back just yet but 365 & Breno are still here to bless you with some Toilet Radio.

SUP NERDS. You must think you’re in for your typical every-week sort episode of Toilet Radio, right? THINK AGAIN, Fat and Lonelies!  On this completely uncensored edition of Metalheads That Fuck Radio, your normie host Joe has been taken out of commission and flown to Japan for his protection. There he can lay low for a while and hide out from just how shit fucking awesome this one particular episode is. Without the Principal calling any shots, all the classes have been dismissed, and the only course left to enroll in now is “Metal 101”. You’ve heard of the School of Hard Knocks, well this is the SCHOOL OF HARD COCKS. This eppy is totally RAW and UNEDITED, save for the all the parts that might have made us look DUMB or PROBLEMATIC.

Who’s that? Like you gotta ask. It’s none other than Crowd Killer Extraordinaire, 365 DAYS OF HORROR. He is being joined by the one and only Son of Slam, BRENOCIDE and we cover some of the most extremely METAL and extremely NOT METAL happenings these last couple weeks. We savagely RIFF on Asian drinks that taste like ass, Rammstein’s Third Reich Laser Lights Show, Wayne Static cosplayers, true heavy metal hair care tips, Devin Townsend spending too much dough, Juggalo offspring running amok in your neighborhood and we share some must-listen (closely) clips of the DMU podcast that are so goddamn underground, you can barely hear them.

Hold on to your rosy red ass cheeks, posers. This episode is a fucking MEME.

Mysticism – Arcane Forest Rites from Arcane Forest Rites

Raised By Owls – Cult of David Dickinson from Cult of David Dickinson

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