Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.53] Metal Verboten!


The Triumvirate of Tuneage returns to share their forbidden love of music genres other than neo-dissonant-cavernous-black-ultra-tech-grind-gaze.

So we may be riff-raff but we’re multi-dimensional trash people. And though we all listen to an unhealthy amount of metal, we are occasionally taken by music from the lesser genres. Actually when Hans and I (Eenzy) rebooted Riff-Raff we already agreed to do this episode, because we’re just totally degenerate music nerds at heart who love sharing tunes. But, much like the Roman Empire, two just wasn’t enough to bring this ship down—we needed our trusty nocturnal wanderer Roldy to steel this deal. So come and explore some music where vocalists don’t burn out after 5 years, a keyboard doesn’t mean you’re listening to some basement-dwelling dungeon synth, and people have found a way to decouple angst from pure nihilism and misanthropy. And occasionally are even happy. Poseurs.

New Music Features This Week

IDM Block
Wisp – The Shaper (Roldy)
Squarepusher – Ultravisitor (Eenzy)
Terminal 11 – Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern (Hans)
Ed Harrison – Imbrium (Roldy)

Hip Hop Block
King Geedorah – Fazers (Eenzy)
Food For Animals – Shhhy (Hans)

Odds and Ends (where we get real weird with it)
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise (Eenzy)
Karma – Get It On (Hans)
Steely Dan – The Caves of Altamira (Roldy… of course)

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