Riff-Raff Podcast Ep.11: We Go Off The Rails


Man, I dunno what happened on this one. But at least we’ve got insane new technical death from Ceremony Of Silence, trve chad trad from Gatekeeper, bangin’ black-thrash from Inculter, crazy/meshuggah noise-rock from Irk, and wild Romanian werewolf riffs from Vircolac.

This week we’re all over the shop. We contemplate buying weapons, talk trad dork drinks, trash reality tv, the perfect 90’s theme song, Dennis Hopper, the album art cover comp, ant-themed horror movies, and give a big fuck you to fursonas. Basically we make last week’s episode seem coherent by comparison, so maybe go listen to that instead if you missed it.

Music Featured:
Ceremony Of Silence – ‘Ceremony Of A Thousand Stars’ from Oútis (out 5/4/19 on Willowtip)
Gatekeeper – ‘Grey Maiden’ from Grey Maiden (out now)
Inculter – ‘Final Darkness’ from Fatal Visions (out 12/4/19 on Edged Circle)
Irk – ‘You’re My Germ’ from Recipes From The Bible (out now)
Vircolac – ‘Snake From Man’ from Masque (out 8/3/19 on Dark Descent)

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