Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.50] THIRD FLUSH IS THE CHARM


Your two favorite eurotrash contributors decided to rob the podcast graveyard for Halloween.

If 2020 was a shit year, then 2021 must be its estranged father who went out for smokes then disappeared in a QAnon cult. Where 2020 felt like just waiting for the vaccine, 2021 is the year of both gigavaxxers and violent anti-vaxxers. Shows have returned, but their lineups are about as stable as Ozzy in The Decline of Western Civilization II. Some spray-tan psychopaths in Las Vegas had a festival that billed Health, TSOL, and Repulsion alongside Watain, Mgla, and the Flaming Lips. It’s been a fuck of a year.

Luckily, Hans and Eenzaamheid know that if there is one thing the world needs right now, it’s another podcast. So they have dutifully taken the baton from the previous version’s cold, dead fingers and resurrected Riff Raff…. again.  As always, the show will play stuff you wouldn’t normally encounter anywhere else ’round the bowl.  This week Eenzy talks about his plans to attend Fest 19 in that national treasure of a state, Florida, and picks songs from 3 bands that will be performing there—in the process coming clean about his shameful love of emoviolence. Hans pulls us a bit back on track with 3 songs from his promos folder that have slipped under the radar, rightly or wrongly.

Come for the tunes, stay for the mic-breathing, it’s the 50th overall episode of Riff Raff. And we totally realized that when we recorded it.

New Music Featured This Week
Eeenzaamheid’s picks
No Man – SOS
Torche – Barrier Hammer
Slow Fire Pistol – Sanctioned Killing

Hans’s picks
1000 Bone Cylinder Explosion – Aporia
Phantom Fire – Sweet Jezebel
Cavern Womb – Kaleidoscopic Abyss

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