Scare The Children – The Seduction Of Little Timmy: A Video Breakdown


The sed…oh, jeez. We’re not going to end up on some list, are we?

If no music video from a known label sticks out to me when searching for a breakdown, I go to Youtube’s trusty filters. “Gimme a new metal video!” I yell at the screen until I realize that I don’t have an Alexa or Echo. It’s a real roll of the dice searching this way. How many times can bands put out a music video with footage of playing in an empty warehouse? Many. Many times is the answer. Of course, for every forgettable metal/death/djent/nu-core music video, we get something like Scare The Children.

Scare The Children hail from Beijing, China, and, well…I’ll let their Google translated bio do the talking:

Scare The Children is a metal band, founded in August 2014, with music and stage effects telling the story of the ghost-loving doll Betsy interacting with a little boy. After meeting, Betsy was separated from the little boy, and after a year and a year passed, the little doll was always looking for the old master. The goal of the band is to create a fully implantable experience for the audience, transcending the limits of music by wearing doll costumes and using the visual effects on the stage.


Got all that? Good. Now we’re all mentally prepared for their new music video. Let’s break it down.



Moisturize, dude!


I have the same reaction whenever someone say “I like Ron Paul.”


Oh, so that’s what having “douche chills” feels like.


This video sponsored by Child Protective Services.


I never thought I’d say this, but I think someone should probably get in touch with Kissing Candace.


Now we know who buys all The Nightmare Before Christmas junk off the Hot Topic clearance racks.


Thanksgiving at Joey Jordinson’s house.


I see the director went to public school too.


This is what Charlie Sheen sees when he closes his eyes.


You can see more of Scare The Children on Facebook.

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