Infected Rain – The Earth Mantra: A Video Breakdown


Welcome to Earth Mantra.

Credit to Moldova’s Infected Rain. They have been doing the nu-metal-y, rap-y, Otep-y thing for a while now and it has finally paid off now that they have signed to Napalm Records. Plenty of bands would alter the sound after signing to a well-known label in hopes of gaining more mainstream appeal. Not Infected Rain. They’re still doing their thing. Good for them!

What about style though? Does vocalist Elena “Lena Scissorhands” Kataraga still go all-out with makeup and costumes like we saw in our previous video breakdown for their song “At The Bottom Of A Bottle“? You’d better believe it.



Danger Noodle on lead “Ssssssssss”


Make sure to stick around after the video. Haw haw haw.




Uh, Lena? You got…you got a little something…on your…eh, never mind.

I hope this leads to a bunch of Instagram “influencers” putting roaches all over themselves.


Thanks, Monstanto!


What meat-eaters think is going to happen when they try an Impossible Burger.


It turns out she is made entirely out of metaphors.


Infected Rain’s single is available now via Napalm Records.


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