Shirt Stains: Devildriver S. Pumpkins


Any questions?!

‘Tis the season for spooky things, sports are sporting, and new band merch. Like Christmas, bands will make Halloween-related items. Usually it’s a shirt with something like a giant jack-o’-lantern or witches or a black cat. Y’know, the usual Halloweeny stuff. The Acacia Strain probably has about 20 different styles. Well, Devildriver is getting in on the Halloween spirit with their own holiday-centric gear. Sure, they have a shirt with an evil pumpkin on it, but these pants are looking like they fell out of a Saturday Night Live skit.

Look at these David S Pumpkins-ass looking leggings. Dez was like “Get outta my rowboat and get into my haunted elevator” with these pants. How many tins of pumpkin spice-flavored Skoal do you have to turn in to get these? If Devildriver really wanted to capitalize on this look, they’d sell Halloween socks and sandals. Maybe throw in a stained hoodie and add some stale beer breath. Even one of the jack-o’-lanterns looks surprised that this is a thing.

You’ll be the belle of the Pumpkin Patch Prom with these babies, but you know these are making it into people’s everyday clothes rotation. No one puts Devildriver Halloween Leggings in the Laundry Day corner. Trip to Wal-Mart? Devildriver Halloween Leggings. PTA meeting? Devildriver Halloween Leggings. Bail hearing? Devildriver Halloween Leggings. Reuniting with your Coal Chamber bandmates? You’d better believe that’s a paddling…I mean, Devildriver Halloween Leggings.



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