Song Premiere: “Soaked In Ashes” by Colosso


For the record, I love the Colosso. Years ago I created a BandCamp profile just to further investigate their material, and in doing so I became totally hooked on their 2012 debut Abrasive Peace. In 2015 I declared them the best unsigned band in Portugal, and in 2016 I declared their sophomore LP Obnoxious to be the greatest heavy metal album of that year. Since then I have gotten to email back and forth with the band’s mastermind Max Tomé and conducted an informative, intimate interview with him. Colosso is a force with which to be reckoned, and this year we are going to be blessed with his third LP entitled Rebirth. Follow me to hear a new song from the upcoming album…

Obnoxious was a collaborative effort among Max and a few other musicians; but since releasing that monster of a record, they have disbanded (amicably, Max assures me). The album he is going to be unleashing on the world shortly is a one-man effort, a chance to allow him to present his singular vision to the metal community and shortly thereafter crush every ear possible. There is no doubt in my mind that the final product will match the quality of the band’s respectable output, and I’d like to take this opportunity to showcase to the world the second single off said record, “Soaked In Ashes”:

Uh… wow, amirite? It’s a short one, but I feel like it’s going to showcase some elements to which we are already accustomed and include a few new tricks up his sleeve like those melodic vocals featured in the second half. Colosso has always been able to crush and grind away with brutal and groovy riffs, perfectly showcased in the fist half of “Soaked In Ashes”. But it’s those eerie vocal lines which really threw me for a loop, because I honestly can’t think of anything in heavy metal that I’ve heard which sounds similar to this! This atmospheric/industrial/groove-oriented kick to the face represents all the aggression that we’ve come to expect from the band, and then some. I believe that when the album drops in February, we are all in for a real treat.

Is that not enough to whet your appetite? He’ll let you listen to the first single “Rebirth” right here. Colosso’s third full-length Rebirth comes out on February 25th. I will see you in line at midnight before it drops…

Find Colosso on Bandcamp, where you can investigate his existing releases and pre-order the upcoming LP for a mere pittance (right now it’s HALF A EURO)!

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