Machine Head – Kaleidoscope: A Video Breakdown


Let freedom ring with a AAHHH MY EYES!!!!!

Robb Flynn’s career is really interesting. I’m hard-pressed to think of a metal musician who has managed to succeed and fail so many times and still mange to come out relatively unscathed. Flynn initially found success with Bay Area thrash band Vio-Lence. That success increased with the creation of Machine Head and the release of their debut album Burn My Eyes. Eventually, those dizzying highs (and the rising popularity of nu-metal) lead to disorienting lows with Machine Head putting out the poorly-aged The Burning Red and Supercharger.

The stench of nu-metalisms like rapping, wacky clothes, and trendy haircuts would have felled other bands, but Flynn and company switched musical gears and persevered with two albums that were fairly well-received by the metal community, Through the Ashes of Empires and The Blackening. While not everything the band has put out in more recent years would be considered good, they settled into a somewhat middle-of-the-road role in metal. That is, until the band had a nu-metal relapse with their latest upcoming release. Will the band survive another trip down Nu Lane?

The reactions to the first single from Machine Head’s new album Catharsis have not been positive. I expect more of the same for their newest song “Kaleidoscope”. The video is, simply put, hard to watch because kaleidoscopic effect put on the footage. This is one of those cases where I’d say “Yeah, you could do it, but you shouldn’t do it.” Rather than trying to force myself to say something about a video where nothing happens or having you to sit through 4 minutes of eye-numbing footage, I’ll just post some “highlights” in gif form. Dust off your Jncos, spike up your hair, and put on some sunglasses you bought at Pacific Sunwear.












Machine Head’s album Catharsis is out on January 26th via Nuclear Blast.

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