Stream the new Bereave EP “Trigger Warning”


I want to Bereave.

Bereave is the best unsigned band in Maryland. We first made this declaration more than a year ago, and damn it all, we’re sticking by it. It brings me a great amount of excitement to bring you this exclusive stream of Trigger Warning, the latest release from these rage-filled Baltimoreans. Jake from Bereave had this to say about the new EP:

Since last year we’ve had a couple line up changes. Some hard stuff happened to all of us. Now we’re back more pissed than ever. Nobody is safe.

After listening to Trigger Warning, I believe him. The EP opens with “263”, a hulking monster of a song that brings to mind the earth-shattering hardcore heaviness of Harm’s Way. This oppressively bleak track features guest vocals from Josh of High Water (PA), and segues seamlessly into “Cornered”. Fans of hopeless sludge will revel in the slow sticky intro that leads to a massive “BLEH” that kicks into a skittish blast of grind, closing with a joyless stomp. “Misery Machine” is a hateful deluge of d-beat and grind that features guest vocals from Kevin of Old Wounds. This brief EP will surely bring a smile to the lips of clinically-depressed Crossed Out and Magrudergrind fans. Get angry.


Trigger Warning drops Friday. Stay up to date with Bereave on Facebook and check out their Bandcamp.

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