Tech Death Thursday 2.0!


I decided that tech death Thursday needed to evolve a bit, so now there are three bands to melt your face off instead of one!

First on today’s agenda is Allegaeon. I know that a lot of you probably know them, but on the off-chance that some of you don’t, I’m here to help. Each of their three releases show a further refinement of their sound, and they’ve never sounded as good as they do on their latest offering, Elements of the Infinite. The first track has become one of my favorite intros ever:

Aside from making great music, they’re a hilarious bunch of dudes who post funny stuff on their Facebook and mosh with dudes dressed as crabs onstage. They also make hilarious music videos.



Now that that’s out of the way, we can move on to Archsp- err, Inferi. This band does a fucking phenomenal job of blending tech-death and melodeath and making it sound sexy. I just love the guitars. They have a sound that I haven’t heard in many other bands.  The Path of Apotheosis is most definitely somewhere in my top 50 albums of 2014 (lets be honest, top ten just won’t work this year).



Last but certainly not least is Phylogeny, a band I discovered while procrastinating on Youtube. Here‘s what I found. This band just oozes talent. Everything is top notch and precise. They’re really small time, so let’s give these dudes some support and help them live their dream. Right now they’re releasing songs as they write them and there doesn’t seem to be a plan for an official full-length any time soon, but spread the word. I think they can go places if they have the means to do so. Check them out on Facebook, and follow their Youtube to see when new songs go up. Also, their entire catalog is up for free on Bandcamp. I’ll leave you with their most recent song. It rips:

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