Tech Death Thursday: Beyond Grace – “The (In)Human Condition”


We got that good shit for you on this fine Thursday.

There’s a tendency in tech death to shy away from social commentary; people just come here for the shreds and blastbeats, right? While I’m all for songs about wizards and aliens and all manner of mystical bullshit, I greatly prefer it when the artist is trying to say something of substance. If you already know Beyond Grace (or at least frontman Andy Synn), it should come as no surprise that their premiere for us today does exactly that.

“The (In)Human Condition” is a rerecorded and, as I understand it, partial rewrite of a song from the band’s Monstrous demo. Though it might stem from their earlier work, it has all the traits that made their first full-length, Seekers, so amazing. While this particular and more brutish than the tunes on its big brother album, it’s full of their signature melancholy counterpoint and subtle progressive touches, spicing things up while keeping it a smooth listen. The lyrics are more overtly political as well, talking about the cycle of the abuse of power and the parasitic nature of the powerful elite, and it’s brought to life by a fantastic (and grotesque) piece of art by Kim Holm.

On top of that, they’ll be sharing sales with the National Police Accountability Project, including the fees normally taken out by Bandcamp should you purchase it tomorrow (June 5th). Should you wish to bear that glorious cover across your chest (and why wouldn’t you?), there will be shirts available as well, pictured below. Be sure to follow Beyond Grace on Facebook as well, where we should hopefully be hearing some details soon regarding their forthcoming full-length.

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