Flush it Friday: Normie Kombucha


When I saw the little cardboard cutout of a bottle in my mailbox, I thought I’d won a year of GT‘s kombucha, but it turns out it was one free bottle. Shortly after this heartbreak, another bout of grief washed upon me: I was going to need to bring this doofy, bottle-shaped coupon and present it to some poor cashier just trying to survive their shift. I imagined them needing to call their manager over the intercom and the vast crowds of mysteriously, suddenly unmasked people looking on. Well, I have a bottle of Gingerberry before me now, so long story short, I decided to be a dangus and brought the coupon anyways, and it was the easiest transaction ever. Don’t be a coward like me. Also read these articles. Ya dangus.

BSG caught up on the latest feel-bad (but do-good) nature conservancy merol from Escaping Aghartha:

Review: Escaping Aghartha – Croak

Gengar Kickflip surfed the Stygian waves with an Assumption track premiere*:

Track Premiere: Assumption – “Daughters of the Lotus”

Tha Boiz talked about the totally-not-sussy world of crypto combined with music on Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 368 – GBK Listening Party

365 rote about Oppresed and there new music in this Video Brakedown:

Shiva – Oppressed: A Video Breakdown

Kombucha is tasty. I can’t remember if I’ve written a FiF about kombucha before. If I have, too bad. Tell me why you do or don’t like kombucha along with your G/B/Us below. <3 Roldy

*As you would assume.

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