Red Cain – ZERO: A Video Breakdown


Red Cain’s the one for me
Red Cain’s all I really need, oh yeah
Red Cain’s the one for me

Red Cain is a progressive metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You’re welcome, Lance Storm. According to their bandcamp, they describe themselves as “powerful, melodic metal project with European roots, known for intricate storytelling and ambient elements paired with heavy, technical guitarwork and a rich, epic musical presence.” Ahhhh. It’s so nice when the bands use all the words so I don’t have to. It’s even better when they write the description for their new seven minute long music video.

For the “ZERO” video, RED CAIN collaborated with world-class director Rik Zak and cinematographer Jun Ren to recreate their own vision of the vampire myth based on the tale of Osiris – the Egyptian god of the dead – and incorporated this vision into the concept behind the album itself.

Filmed in the dystopian, eye-catching, and inhospitable badlands of Drumheller, Alberta, the story-driven video features Red Cain frontman Evgeniy Zayarny alongside R.A.V. – the singer of power metal collective Ravenous: EH, in the main roles, and follows the track’s lyrical content in exploring the relationship between fate and free will, success and failure, the search for immortality – and an inglorious death.

With the video of “ZERO”, we travel to ancient Egypt – dry, scorched, old as time, built on top of dead empires; littered with secrets and the devoured remains of hundreds of gods.

And it is one of these that speaks to you now; the vampire god, the god of death Osiris – and his human vessel, the seeker of forbidden knowledge that may be, in the grand stillness of the desert, ultimately equal to nothing.

Seek – and you shall find; create – and you will be remembered; perish – and be forgotten. So goes the mantra of the mighty and the hope of the weak. So goes the endless cascade toward ZERO.

Phew. Thanks for saving me all the trouble guys. It’s greatly appreciated. Let’s break it down.


Always wash your hands before leaving the bathroom and then touching your eyes.


Accurate representation of searching for a job in 2019.


A day in the life of W.


Nice to see Goldust still getting work.


Do this the next time your dentist asks if you’ve been flossing.


I see you’ve played Knifey-Gross-Forked-Tonguey before!


Your Uber Coffin is here!


See, Osiris? It’s not hard to throw out the trash.


Red Cain’s album Kindred: Act I is out on March 1st via Bandcamp.

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