Tech Death Thursday: Coexistence – “The Nadir Element”


Transcending Genesis

Coexistence is one of those bands that unabashedly wears their influences on their sleeves. Look at their name. Look at that logo. Listen to about 10 seconds of any of their music, and you’ll know what they’re all about. I may have knocked them in the past for being too similar to Beyond Creation, but it occurred to me that complaining about having more of a thing that I really like is, to put it as eloquently as possible, fucking stupid as shit. So with my perspective firmly realigned on the side of reason, I’m pleased to present to you “The Nadir Element,” the newest single from Coexistence’s upcoming album, Collateral Dimension.

Again, their sound is rooted in the same ethereal progressive death metal that Beyond Creation plays. They heavily favor mellow tapped melodies touched with jazz, and the frequent clean guitar breaks give the both the composition and instruments room to breathe. It’s exactly as smooth and clean as you’d want, but Coexistence diverges from their progenitors in taking a more earthly approach to their songwriting, eschewing some complexity for a greater emphasis on groove and catchiness. It’s a winning combination for sure, and it’ll easily keep you hooked even as the track nears the 8-minute mark.

Coexistence is set to release Collateral Dimension on October 23rd through Transcending Obscurity. Pick it up through Bandcamp or the label store, and check out Coexistence on Facebook as well for more updates.

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