Tech Death Thursday-Cytotoxin


Once again it is face melting time.

Today we’re taking a look at Cytotoxin. They released their most recent album titled Radiophobia in 2012 on Unique Leader Records (seriously I’m advertising the living fuck out of Unique Leader with these TDT posts). Anyway, I found these guys earlier in the year, or maybe it was late last year, not exactly sure. The point is, I’m glad I found them cause they rule. Before I go into more detail have a song:

If you’re anything like me (and who wouldn’t want to be some badass terrorist killing hero?) you probably thought of Origin the second the song started. “Goddamnit Jack stop throwing Origin comparisons around like you’re handing out candy!” Sorry, sorry. Anyway, as I’m sure you noticed, the drumming is ridiculous and there are some pretty sweet riffs widdling around in there. The vocals remind me of Benighted, another band I really dig. I could do without the occasional pig squealing on this record, but it isn’t all over the place so I don’t mind. Plus, the rest of the album is too great to ignore just because of some random noises. The bass in this band gives some of the songs a kind of brutal death metal feel, but in general the album tends to fluctuate between brutal death and tech death elements and it even throws in some slams. It really is a fantastic blend. The album has some pretty badass intros as well the like one in “Abysm Nucleus”:

The production on Radiophobia is great; not too clean and not too muddy. Everything sounds just right if you ask me. If you dig them like I do go like them on Facebook and support them by buying their album, because if you steal it you’re just a lolbuttzface.

Ghostflusher has returned from the spectral void once again to give us another guest submission:

GF: In a time before the Toilet, around 2010 to be exact, technical death metal rose to prominence. With bands like Son of Aurelius and Burning the Masses, it seemed the metal world was about to be taken by a storm of showmanship and a new kind of approach to how many notes you can fit into one song. Enter Diskreet, a band from Topeka, Kansas, with riffs aplenty and aggression to boot. If there ever was a band that I’d call an American version of Decapitated, this band deserves the goddamn title, and they only have one album to their name. But Engage the Mechanicality does what a lot of tech records fail to do, and that’s to never sacrifice the mean and evil sounding quality of the songwriting. Like a sonic nut punch, this album is relentless with riffs, blasts and growls, and is sure to make any fan of tech death wet themselves with fear. I first found out about this band because of the glorious artwork done by Par Ollofsson (The Faceless, Spawn of Possession, Abysmal Dawn) and man, that guy has a thing for giving tech bands some seriously intense art. However, unlike my genius snag of this record at a J&R, this seems to be one of the hardest releases to find on the net, so I wish y’all luck in finding a copy, although I’ve heard a vinyl release is going to happen soon. Be sure to snag this forgotten gem before it is lost to time once again.

Thanks dude! Diskreet is a badass band to be sure! That’s all for today, until next time,

Stay Tech

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