Premiere: Protosequence – “Shepherd”


It’s both chill and heavy. Chevy.

Way back in February of last year, I wrote about an EP from an up and coming band called Protosequence. I was struck by their proficient blend of tech death and Intervals-style djenty-prog; it’s something a lot of bands have attempted, but few have succeeded at. Protosequence made it sound effortless. Now, a year and a half later, the band is nearing the release of their second EP, Biophagous. Today, you get to hear “Shepherd,” the third track from that EP.

Let’s take a moment to bask in that guitar tone for a bit. Those cleans and leads are rich and full, perfectly suited to the relaxed feel of the song. Even with the hardcore-tinged screams and the occasional blastbeat, there’s a mellowness to the song that keeps it grounded. It’s creative and emotional, every bit as finely tuned as its predecessor while surpassing it in complexity. If you’re a fan of prog, technical music, or just sweet guitar lines, you’ll want in on this one for sure.

Go show Protosequence some sweet, dirty Toilet love on Facebook. You can preorder Biophagous on Bandcamp, and if you need more right now, you can also check out “Parasitic” courtesy of The Circle Pit.

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