The Newest Noise, Vol. 1


Some killer new noise and other weird stuff came out recently. Listen to it, or don’t. Your call. (Ed. Note: Persuasive!)

Let’s start things off with a bang: there is a new Swallowing Bile track streaming on Heathen Harvest and it’s terrifying. When Corpsegrinder spins his schlocky B-movie tales of over-the-top mass murders, you can’t help but laugh. Ethan Ebeling’s delivery in this “song” is the polar opposite. Rarely does one hear such forceful, hateful anger in any music. To quote Die Song, “this is not a threat. This is a promise.” A release date has yet to be announced, but you can download previous Swallowing Bile material here.

Stream “Never Again” here.

Speaking of Die Song, they’ve really been on a roll lately with some incredible releases. First off is “IX – XI – MMXIII” by Crawl. This is some serious DOOM. The track’s a little long but is worth a full listen whenever you get a chance to totally immerse yourself in the choking atmosphere.

Next we have some wailing dark ambient from Verzögerungsblüte off the new album Trinität. I’ll be honest with you, if you’re not already a fan of this style, the opening of this track isn’t likely to win you over. Around the eight and a half minute mark, though, low white noise starts to fade in like a howling wind, followed by some percussion which heralds the arrival of what can only be described as a muted thundering of sludgy black metal aggression.

Our last track on the Die Song front is VVeltschmerz’s “Скоро Бог” off their new tape Врз Нашата Пепел. This is some filthy power electronics based on low, distorted bass tones and tortured screams. If you liked that Swallowing Bile track you need to jump onboard.


Now for a name some of you may know: Tiny Mix Tapes has premiered the second track from Botanist’s new album, VI: Flora, “Stargazer.” If you’ve heard any of Botanist’s past work, you know what to expect: blasting, blown-out drums with chiming dulcimers and snarling, raspy vocals. The treasure here, though, is what’s new: the continued additions of piano and bass and a further exploration of the spacey atmospheres of tracks like “Quoth Azalea, the Demon” off 2012’s III: Doom in Bloom/Allies call to mind the work of Jesu. VI: Flora is available for preorder from the Flenser here.


Lastly I’d like to shine some light on an artist few may know. Cvlt Nation have begun a new series called “Avant Anomalies of the Month” focusing “on the extreme, avant-garde music that most metallers are either afraid to check out or are just ignorant of them [sic].” Tim Feeney is a percussionist from Alabama of whom I’ve long been a fan, and yet until Utmu sent me the piece on Cvlt Nation I had no idea he had a new solo album out, and on Weighter Recordings, no less. Check out an excerpt from Caroline below:

I hope you all enjoyed this roundup of recent releases in styles some of you may only peripherally be aware of. Did I miss anything? Do you think I’m pretentious? Do you hate me for liking stuff that can only sort of be called music? Call me names in the comments below.

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