Video Premiere: Crawl – “Reject the Cross”


Wolves, goats, sixes, and skin ladies? Man, this video has everything! Pop some Dramamine, because we’re taking a closer look at the brand new music video from the stomach-turning Crawl. Prepare to “Reject the Cross,” and most likely your lunch, as you enter a seizure inducing nightmare world of psychedelic, blasphemous imagery.

Earlier this year, I had the distinct pleasure of premiering Crawl’s “Black Ritual,” one of the butt-choppinest tracks off the buzzsaw ball-breaker Rituals. At the time, I explained that “Crawl is ready to grab you buy the hojos and cram every orifice of your body to the brim with their crusty Swedeath nastiness. You’re definitely going to get an infection after you hear the pungent combo of buzzsaw and d-beat in exclusive track ‘Black Ritual,’ but for my money it’s that ugly swarm of feedback that births a howling drum’n’bass interlude straight into the back alley offal at the 2:05 mark that sells the whole package.”

Well, folks, if you somehow still managed to sleep on Crawl, today you’re in luck, because I’m offering a second chance to atone for your sins with the insidiously Satanic intro track from Rituals. “Reject the Cross” hits hard, fast, and heavy, never relenting on the pace and fury and downright headbangability of the riffs.

As fate would have it, those riffs sound even more profane when paired with devious visuals ripped right from Andy Warhol’s acid-laced nightmares. And even luckier for you, I’ve clipped some of my favorite scenes from this bender of a video to give you just a taste of the sickness. Stab play on the video below or enjoy this selection of gifs!

I really like that the countdown never gets past 666!

You know things are about to get super spoopy because of the Sharezone skulls!

Brooks, Dunn, and hard workin’ men and women everywhere feel this gif on a visceral level.

Was that Dick Cheney in the Garden of Earthly Delights?

I’m starting to feel like all those Japanese kids who got seizures watching Pokeman!

I keep screaming, but God doesn’t hear me!

This was definitely the freakiest part of Jacob’s Ladder.

A rare look into the Congressional Facebook hearings.

Dan Brown was right!

You can find Rituals over on Bandcamp and pledge your loyalty to Crawl on Facebook.

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