TMP: Abigail Williams, Kreator, Nails, and More!


Make Monday tolerable again!

Abigail Williams announced a few tour dates with Wolvhammer and Amiensus.


Grindcore news! I rarely bring any announcements about the heavy shit, so be happy that I found this tour. Sweetooth0 wrote about missing a Wake set once, so read about that and then decide to not do that.


Greek progressive black metal band Aenaon released a track off their upcoming album. This is weird in all the right places.

New Thomas Giles track if you’re in the mood for some chill electronic stuff by the BTBAM vocalist.


Can’t wait until November 4? Here’s a new Vader track now!

  • You can stream the new Khemmis album now. Go listen and read a nice interview, and also see how right I was about how awesome it is.
  • Nails, that one bad that is on hiatus, announced they are playing a show soon, so who knows what’s going on with that.
  • Progressive/metalcore band that I kinda like, Misery Signals, is reuniting with their old vocalist. I have only really listened to the two more recent albums, so I’m not sure if I am happy or not.
  • See genre mentioned above band, Zao, released the first song off their album coming in December. I like this.
  • A Sense of Gravity released the second song off their upcoming album on Spotify called “Shadowed Lines”. Hopefully, this is the one and only slow track since they are at their best when the tempo is up.
  • Look for a new Destrage track around 1:00 PM Eastern (US) today. This will be only their second song released before the album comes out Friday.
  • Want more news that isn’t actually live yet? Look for new Animals as Leaders track tomorrow.
  • BTBAM got fucked over by a shitty promoter in Flagstaff. As if the music industry wasn’t already a nightmare, you have to look out for leeches on all levels of success.
  • Kreator sorta announced a new album. Expect more information around October 28th, and check out the NSFW teaser on their website.
  • Swedish crust punk/d-beat band Martyrdöd have a new album coming in November.
  • Goatwhore has been posting pictures on Facebook of them setting up in the studio.
  • NYC punk dudes Backtrack announced that they will have a new album in 2017.
  • Superjoint released a new track over a Decibel.
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