Sunday Sesh: Let’s Just Watch Jason X


Wait, what?

I had the privilege of spending the last few days hanging out with blog daddy Joe and local legend W. It being the middle of October the TV was obviously glued to AMC’s FearFest (even though the bastards still refuse to play Halloween III) and the conversation swayed to horror movies a fair few times. In the midst of the bloodbaths W. turned to me and said “you know, I really need to watch Jason X again.” As right as he usually is, he has never been more right than in that moment. We ALL need to watch Jason X again.

For the uninitiated, Jason X isn’t just a movie trying to cash in on the late 90’s/early 00’s trend of being EXTREME, it’s also the improbable tenth entry in the Friday the 13th franchise (Roman numerals! Fun!). Of course, most of you probably just know it as the one in space which is as worthy a remembrance as any for this trashterpiece. In fact, the only thing more absurd than this movie taking place in space is the fact that it took 10 entries to finally get there (for comaprison, it took Leprechaun, Critters and Hellraiser 4 movies). Indeed, there is no surer sign of running out of ideas that throwing your earthly slasher into space.

Jason X isn’t just garbage though, it’s the fun kind of garbage! The movie is in on its own joke and runs with it with such ridiculous futuristic sequences as the holographic videogame, the Camp Crystal Lake simulation, and even a nanomachine upgraded Jason Voorhees that just doesn’t get the chance to live up to his insane potential. This is not a good movie. At all. But it is a fun one! If you’re even remotely interested in campy, trash cinema as an art form why don’t you go ahead and rent it and we can all watch together and laugh heartily at Jason dunking that woman’s head in liquid nitrogen and smashing it on a desk like all of my hopes and dreams. What else are we going to do while we wait for the inevitable Leatherspace movie?

Alright my dudes, what are some of your favorite garbage movies? Sound off in the comments.

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