Toilet Radio 464 – Van Canto Ruins Everything


This week: We’re talking about the Creed Renaissance, the latest Bandcamp news, and a discussion about creating ways to be more intentional about jamming out. But mostly what we’re talking about is another bullshit AI metal “band”. This time it’s Frostbite Orckings, one of many disposable metal sounds soon to be regurgitated by the Metalverse (ugh). This time, we dive into the cretins behind this shameful display and we didn’t much care for what we found. How did a member of Van Canto, that wretched a capella gimmick band, get involved in all of this and what is their endgame? We explore this, and much more, on this week’s episode of Toilet Radio.

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Rouge LimbSirenhead 

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