TMP: Abysmal Dawn, Svart Crown, Insect Ark, and More!


I’ve had a cold that gives me the inability to focus for like 6 days now, so I hope some of the featured stuff is good, because I can’t tell.


Abysmal Dawn

Omega Infinity (Ne Obv vocalist) released a track.

Svart Crown

  • Get ripped with Goblinsmoker.
  • New stuff from Insect Ark.
  • Brenner (Gridfailure) Molenaar (Hoveround, Darn Gnomes) made a thing.
  • Heafy guest vox on Cabal track.
  • New Lychgate.
  • Kirk Windstein doing Aqualung.
  • Shreddy stuff from Jason Kui.
  • Aggressive burping from Visceral Disgorge.
  • Torche-esque stuff from Elephant Tree.
  • Monster Magnet, Nebula, Silvertomb North American tour
  • Origin, Beneath The Massacre, Defeated Sanity, Wake North American tour
  • Rammstein North American tour
  • Yob US & European tour
  • Code Orange, Show Me The Body, Jesus Piece tour
  • Joe Payne (ex Nile/Divine Hersey) passed away.


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