Flush it Friday: Look At These Silly MFs


Every time I see a kid named Braylee or Krayson, I feel a twinge of remorse. Poor kids never had a chance. That being said, they’ve got some things going for them that the unfortunately named dinocephalians don’t: they’re not called “terrible heads”, and they’re not extinct. These therapsids are some of the ancestors of modern mammals, dating back to the late Triassic (~275mya), and heavens, do they look like little doofuses with their misshapen domes. Check out these Moschops for example:


Or maybe you’d prefer the Estemmenosuchus (“Crowned Crocodile”), with its sets of horns and inviting smile:


From these majestic creatures came the mammals (and birb??) responsible for this week’s fire content:

I thought this album from Exitium was p litium:

Album & Video Premiere: Exitium – Imperitous March for Abysmal Glory

Our new contributor Aaron rang our bells with this Clarion Knell review:

Review: Clarion Knell – Abyss Of Fear

Hans declared himself a MiRcat:

Review: MiR – Season Unknown

IGoM is right about both leaf blowers (bad) and Leafblower‘s debut EP (good):

Local Noise Pollution: Leafblower‘s Debut EP

Everybody has a favorite ancient mammalian ancestor, what’s yours? Let us know along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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