This Toilet Tuesday (4/11/23)


Wowie, the bowl is full to its meat-shid meniscus this week! There are some choice post-black metal cuts below, along with the usual kitchen sink worth of cross-pollinated genres for all manner of listeners. Let us know if we missed any bangers in the comments.

FrostSeele – D​ä​mon (The Liquid Sun) [Post-Black Metal]

This band sounds like the lovechild of dad-era Opeth and black metal—for every mellotron synth touch, there’s a gnarled black metal riff replete with blasting. The stomping rhythms give the whole thing a bit of attitude as well. D​ä​mon feels truly unpredictable, and I’m looking forward to being surprised by the rest on Friday! 4/15/23 (Roldy)

1782 – Clamor Luciferi (Heavy Psych Sounds Records) [Doom / Stoner Metal]

Aetherius Obscuritas – A sors sz​ü​rke pora (Grimm Distribution) [Prog Black Metal]

All Hell – All Hail the Night (Terminus Hate City Records) [Blackened Thrash Metal]

Anthems of Gomorrah – Deathplague (Independent) [Symphonic Death Metal]

Archon Angel – II (Frontiers Records) [Symphonic Power Metal]

Askheimr – S/T (Independent) [Symphonic Blackened Death Metal]

AthanaTheos – Cross. Deny. Glorify. (Lavadome Productions) [Melodic Death Metal]

Attractive Chaos – The Fire Between Us (Independent) [Symphonic Heavy Metal]

Bad at Life – No Place for the Living (Independent) [Black Metal]

Black:I – Kimah Elenu Su’ati Bahlu (Independent) [Black Metal]

Blacknetic – Darkness Falls (Independent) [Thrash Metal]

Blazon Rite – Wild Rites and Ancient Songs (Gates of Hell Records) [Trad/Heavy Metal]

Crownshard – Awareness (Independent) [Thrash Metal]

Crypt of Insomnia – Infernal Orchestrator (Independent) [Symphonic Death Metal]

Deathgrave – It’s Only Midnight (Independent) [Death Metal / Grindcore]

Despite the Reverence – Stress of Evolution (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Dimentianon – Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth (Paragon Records) [Blackened Death Metal]

Dodheimsgard – Black Medium Current (Peaceville Records) [Weirdo Black Metal]

Edoma – Buried by Permafrost (Petrichor) [Blackened Death Metal]

Elysian Tyrant – Axenocality (Independent) [Cybergrind]

Exhumacion Profana – La Parca (Sadistic Domain) [Death Metal]

Extermination Order – The Siege of Ascalon (War Anthem Records) [WH40K Death Metal]

Faerie Ring – Weary Traveler (King Volume Records) [Doom / Stoner Metal]

Fatima/Clegane – Twin-Monster Split (Almost Famous) [Doom / Sludge]

Galleiria – Loner (Independent) [Post-Black Metal]

Gladiator – Genesis (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Godmorgon – Out of Spite (Independent) [Death Metal / Sludge]

Hammerhead – Lords of the Sun (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Hatalom – In Situ (Independent) [Technical Death Metal]

Holy Moses– Invisible Queen (Fireflash Records) [Thrash Metal]

Howling– Hostis Humani Generis (Blasphemous Creations of Hell Records) [Raw Black Metal]

Impaled Divinity – Feculent Mutation (Sevared Records) [Brutal Death Metal / Slam]

Indistinct – Monument for Nothing (Independent) [Black Metal]

Infecting the Swarm – Pulsing Coalescence (Lacerated Enemy Records) [Brutal Death Metal / Slam]

Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Hunt the Flame (Frontiers Records) [Power Metal]

Jesus Piece – …So Unknown (Century Media Records) [Hardcore / Metalcore]

Mesmur – Chthonic (Solitude Productions) [Death/Doom]

Metallica – 72 Seasons (Blackened Recordings) [Thrash Metal]

MMXX – The Next Wave (Candlelight Records UK) [Melodic Doom Metal]

Morgues – Dismembering Corpses (Infinitive Putrefaction Productions) [Brutal Death Metal / Slam]

Moribund Mantras – …Of Fathomless Depths (Argento Records) [Blackened Death/Doom]

Mortuorum – Dominus Mortuorum (Independent) [Raw Black Metal / lolbuttz]

MuN – Nhemis (Piranha Music) [Post-Metal]

New World Depression – Interment of Sins (Independent) [Deathrash]

Out of the Mouth of Graves – Shrines to Dagon (Vargheist Records) [Death Metal]

Overkill – Scorched (Nuclear Blast) [Thrash Metal]

Putrid Yell – Consuming Aberration (Pulverised Records) [HM-2 Death Metal]

Red Rum – Book of Legends (Trollzorn Records) [Pirate Metal / BMP Metal]

Rosslyn – Totentanz (Sliptrick Records) [Trad/Heavy Metal]

Rotpit – Let There Be Rot (War Anthem Records) [Death Metal]

Sabaton – Stories from the Western Front (Nuclear Blast) [Stolen Valorcore]

Sacrifix – Killing Machine (Thrash or Death Records) [Thrash Metal]

Sex Machineguns – 地獄の暴走列車 (Kanameishi Records) [Speed Metal]

Superlėtos Gyvybėsformos – Melagingos dainos apie tai, ko nebuvo (Independent) [Raw Black Metal]

The Harvest Trail – Spree (Independent) [Melodeath]

Toby Knapp – Merciless Regime (Moribund Rockers) [Instrumental Shred / Melodeath]

Ūkanose Šiaurum V​ė​jum (Art of the Night Productions) [Folk Metal]

VoidCeremony Threads of Unknowing (20 Buck Spin) [Death Metal]

Welkin 武勇 / Emblems of Valour (Pest Productions) [Black Metal]

Withdraw Contemplation (Independent) [Melodic Black Metal / Ambient]

Witte Wieven Dwaallicht (Babylon Doom Cult Records) [Post-Black Metal] 

Xpus Sepulchrum Christi (Kvlt un Kaos Productions) [Death Metal] 

Zeit Ohnmacht (Independent) [Black Metal]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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