TMP: Archspire, Immolation, Marduk, and More!


It’s President’s Day, a strange holiday where I think you’re supposed to pour one out for our boy Washington. [Editor’s Note: Strong intro!]

Archspire is touring in March with Arkaik.

Archspire Arkaik

Ignorant death metal band Extremity released a new song, album out April 7.

You probably already heard the new Immolation song, but here it is anyway. Album comes out on Friday.

  • Mike Scheidt of YOB had a life-saving surgery and a Go Fund Me was launched to help with the medical bills. They achieved their goal amount pretty quickly.
  • If you’re interested in Ghost for some reason, here is a lot of new information about their new album and lineup.
  • A Marduk show in Oakland was canceled by the venue over fears of public safety. It’s a really weird scenario where none of the parties involved seem to be happy about this decision. No one is really accusing them of being racist, but I guess their use of questionable imagery has been seen as “glorifying” it to some.
  • Devin Townsend added a few US dates with Thank You Scientist.
  • Some seemingly legit news about Tool’s progress showed up.
  • Metalcore band Fit For a King had a lot of expensive gear stolen. People are shitty.
  • News is a little slow, so I figure it’s a good time to re-plug Earsplit’s Bands in Vans post. See who is playing in your area.
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