Maruta talk about Grind, Dystopias and Penises


Maruta are silly dudes who love to talk about their penises. Getting into the magic of the band, the degree to which they fuck with each other, and the reasons why they write about the dystopian world was truly interesting – but of course by the end things descended into silliness.

How the hell are you guys?

Mitch Luna (ML): Pretty good man.

Mo Cordoba (MC): Living the dream.

Is this the life you dreamed of when starting Maruta?

ML: Absolutely. Living the dream. Sleeping on cat piss. It’s a hobby. We love doing it.

Nick Augusto (NA): The good outweighs the bad.

ML: It’s all about jamming and meeting cool people and playing with killer bands.

When did you sleep on cat piss?

ML: At least once every tour

MC: One time Danny our other drummer got pissed on by a cat while he was sleeping!

What I was curious about was do you feel some sort of pressure being from Florida and having that heritage behind you?

ML: Not really. We do what we do we write and play music we’re passionate about. There are some killer bands from Florida but we’re just doing our thing.

What drives you to continue writing about dystopias for a decade plus?

MC: Trump! (Laughter)

ML: It’s just stuff I think about and observe. If I’m going to write about something it might as well mean something to me. There’s personal stuff on the record but…

So are modern times dystopic for you?

ML: I’d say so. We’re at a time in Florida where the term climate change is not allowed to be used in certain official documents which to me is pretty mindblowing. It’s looming but being ignored basically because it’s all about the money.

So do the rest of you support the lyrics?

MC: I’m not super into them. I read them for typos (laughter) I mostly worry about the music and the pattern that he sings.

Do lyrics not matter to you in general?

MC: There are things I wouldn’t like to have in lyrics but I trust Mitch enough to put those things in.

What about in terms of other bands you’re into?

MC: I just like to have a general knowledge

ML: It also varies on the genre. You know brutal death metal will be pretty ignorant and you probably won’t agree with it but it comes with the territory

What about you Nick?

NA: I care about lyrics – I don’t want them to be cheesy. I can’t write lyrics for shit though.

MC: Neither can I!

So this is essentially a message you want to get out…

ML: I’m not the type of person who wants to shove the message down peoples throats but if someone can relate that’s cool. The theme of the record is that I really want to change and help something but feel completely helpless and unable to do so. That’s how I feel nowadays with corporations lobbying Congress in a lot of matters and we should be looking into other energy resources but we put convenience first… then I go off on a tangent and you get a record.

So what is your stance on the current race?

ML: We’ll see as it gets closer. As far as Donald Trump running it’s like Idiocracy turned to real life. Bernie has some cool points. I always go out and vote because the ideals mean a lot to me even if it doesn’t change anything.

What got you into politics?

ML: I’m not super into politics but more just social things. I’ve always had a fascination with post apocalyptic themes – I’m a huge nerd, I game a lot and read sci fi.

Tabletop or video games?

ML: Video games. If I did tabletop no one would play with me. They would make fun of me.

Do you make fun of each other?

ML: It’s the thing to do

MC: I want to plug my website!

ML: Fuck you dude!

What’s that?

MC: It’s just me conning on Mitch for the last four years. It’s just a tumblr where I put pictures of Mitch up.

ML: I’m mentally scarred from that tumblr. It’s a bunch of embarrassing and awkward moments of my life. I’ll be taking a shit and I’ll see five pictures of me that were done while I was shitting.

But you’re just preparing him for when the NSA takes over right?

MC: Yeah, I’m a good friend. What are friends for if not busting your balls? He’s one of my best friends so I have to bust his balls.

ML: I think that busting peoples balls is the best way to show affection.

MC: You don’t make fun of people you’re not tight with.

So Nick what’s your stance on the blog?

NA: I just saw it yesterday for the first time. I have to look through it. I heard it used to be worse and have nudity.

ML: My wife complained about a few photos on there.

MC: She made me moderate it. There was one of me in the shower.

ML: There was a picture of my balls and he told my coworkers about it. They ended up printing out a few and posting it around the office.

How do you seem him naked so much?

MC: It just comes from being on tour.

ML: After five or six weeks on the road it’s bound to happen.

So you’re not just the naked guy on tour?

ML: The shower one they snuck in.

NA: Yesterday though….

ML: That’s true! (Laughter) I retract my previous statement I have no excuse.

MC: You are the most naked guy.

ML: It comes from boredom and alcohol.

MC: Dicks are funny.

Why are dicks funny?

ML: I don’t know dude. Vaginas are nice but drawings of dicks and photos of cocks are hilarious.

MC: We’re 12.

ML: Mo is more of a “Show his balls type of guy” by the way.

MC: I just try to catch them looking

ML: Or I want to make people uncomfortable.

So it’s a power thing?

ML: I don’t think so (Laughter)

MC: It’s a childish thing.

ML: Back at home you work your ass of and make sure your bills are paid. I worked 60 plus hours a week to make sure I could go on tour. So I get here and I’m like “Let me whip my penis out in front of my friends, is that too much to ask?”

So in your society is whipping out your penis indiscretely an ideal?

ML: Definitely not. I just do it in front of these guys and maybe the band we’re on tour with. It’s for those who have earned it.

So to clarify… there are no more pictures of Mitch’s penis online?

ML: They have all been removed.

MC: There might be balls though?

ML: No they got removed because my coworkers were like “Look at his balls, they look like Krang from Ninja Turtles”


Which Ninja Turtles character does it actually look like?

ML: Definitely Master Splinter.

What about you guys?

MC: Shredder for sure.

ML: Nah you’re more of a Bebop guy.

MC: Nick is April! (Laughter)

What do you guys love so much about music that isn’t penis related?

ML: It’s just the energy man.

MC: Probably blast beats.

ML: Blast beats are awesome. But you spend eight hours in a van and you’re miserable when you tour but being able to play for a few people that appreciate it and that energy keeps me going and levels me out. I’m not an aggressive or angry person but I have that urge to have beautiful short controlled bursts of chaos and play some grindcore.

MC: I definitely like the creating aspect writing songs and recording them and having a finished project. I like that part best.

NA: It’s a weird form of art.

Normally I ask for words of wisdom but I think I have a better question – what’s the worst time to pull out your dick?

ML: When my grandmother is around. Wouldn’t want to do that!

MC: Anytime there’s anyone who really doesn’t want to see it or would get offended.

ML: No kids obviously, that should be a standard rule.

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