TMP: Carcass, Starkill, Watchtower, Dead Congregation, and More!


Come get your Monday news, or if you already knew the news, come get your olds?

Carcass are touring the US with Deafheaven and Inter Arma. I think this will appeal to quite a few of you.


Here are the dates for the Enforcer, Dark Tranquility, Swallow the Sun, and Starkill tour.


Speaking of Starkill, here’s a new song by the melodeath group.

Thomas Giles from BTBAM has another solo album coming out. As much as I love the band, I could never really get into these solo albums. Look for that on November 4.

Watchtower released the first song off of Concepts of Math: Book One. Release date set for October 7.

Mathcore dudes Car Bomb released a new track off their October 28 release. It’s not the track that we previously put together from scraps.

Late Lizard Addition: Greece’s Dead Congregation just posted dates for a fairly decent length European tour with Incarceration, and while doing so subtly announced that it would be in support of an upcoming release titled Sombre Doom. Pumped!


  • Mini-festival The Power of the Riff in Los Angeles will take place in December and feature Neurosis and Wolves in the Throne Room. More bands TBD.
  • Grind-ish band Hierophant premiered a new song over a Decibel. Album out November 4.
  • Change Places! Scar Symmetry have a new guitarist and bassist.
  • Immolation are putting the final touches on their next album. That should be out next year.
  • Black Earth (precursor band to Arch Enemy) had a few Japan reunion shows and are going to release a DVD with some of that footage.
  • The original lineup for the Swedish crust punk band Skitsystem are reuniting. The band features two members of At the Gates (currently on hiatus).
  • Brutal death metal band Cognitive are streaming a track over at Decibel. Their upcoming album has some 10/10 cover art.
  • 1000 Drops of Venom (members from Earth Crisis, The Path of Resistance, and Unholy) have a new track out.
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