Riff Of The Week: Non-English Title Edition


Dechrau’r frwydr!

Last week Full’er Heck took out our June Free-For-All Edition.


This week our theme was riffs from songs with non-english titles.
Let’s see what you sent in…

Anaal Nathrakh – “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” (Riff @ 2:55)

Simply put, this song, like most of of Anaal Nathrakh’s, absolutely explodes with rage and power.
This one is something extraordinary, even among AN’s incredible catalogue. Let the vengeance of Hell also burn in your heart. Alternatively, just enjoy an extremely well written riff.

Doomsword – ‘Claidheamh Solais’ (Riff @ 1:50)

Claidheamh Solais is Gaelic for “Sword of Light or “White Glaive of Light.”  And Doomsword brings the Epic. Galloping riffs throughout, but I really like the climbing accompaniment to the vocals starting at 1:50, and repeating at 4:10.

Oranssi Pazuzu – ‘Uraanisula’ (Riff @ 7:47)

Another win from the great country of Finland! Let’s have some psychedelic black merol up in this b*tch. The song ‘Uraanisula’ off their excellent junior album Valonielu starts off a slow burner (as many of their longer tracks do) and kicks things up a few notches at the 7:47 mark. A vote for McNulty is a vote for Finland.

WIZO – Nix & Niemant (Riff @ 1:36)

German punks shredding against Nazis. Picked a later iteration of the main riff for bonus shredness.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Amenra – “Plus près de toi” (Riff @ 6:23)

Every day, I am closer to you. <3

Gorguts – ‘Das Martytium Des’ (Riff @ 2:53)

Weirdly enough, it took me longer to clock with From Wisdom to Hate than Obscura. Weird chiefly because this album is filled with bangers like this one.

Furia – ‘Niezwykła Nieludzka Nieprzyzwoitość’ (Riff @ 4:19)

Everything with Nihil on board is fun -great riffs, atmosphere and lyrics. Case in point above.

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