TMP Extra: Dismember, 1349, Electrocution and More!


All the good news that have come out since our last episode, and a whole bunch of bad ones too.

Norwegian long-term black metal band 1349 aims to release a new EP, Dødskamp, on April 5th and have uploaded a single miraculous world of the internet. The EP was commissioned by Innovation Norway (why 1349 then?), Visit Norway and Munch Museum and is one of four commissioned works from artists of four different musical corners, and it’s intent is to “interpret their angle on a freely selected work by the famous painter Edvard Munch.” At least the EP probably has the definitely best and most interesting concept 1349 is ever going to work on. The song is not among their worst works either, so to speak.

On this latest track from their upcoming The Door To Doom, The Candlemass -coven worships The Great Octopus himself, Astorolus. So mighty this maritime monstrosity, nautical naughtyboy, Oidipial octopi that they have summoned Tony of House Iommi to splooge all over it.

Do you remember the Italian death metal band Electrocution that released Inside The Unreal, now regarded as something of an unsung classic, in 1993? No? Well it’s your own goddamn shame. They returned to little avail or fanfare, in a somewhat techier form in 2014 and are now preparing to release their second post-comeback record, Psychonolatry, on February 8th. Pre-order the album from their Bandcamp, or at least familiarize yourself with Inside The Unreal if you haven’t for chritssakes.

“Alternative Death Metal” band Medeia has is preparing to release their fifth album, Xenosis, first with vocalist Frans Aalto,  who debuted on the 2015 EP Manning The Helm, this Friday and have put out a video for it. Not gonna lie, I kinda like this.

You won’t be getting any new System of A Down soon, just accept the fact that they’re dead and gone, and better off staying that way. You will, however, be getting new music from John Dolmayan’s These Grey Men, and at least one song will feature Serj Tankian, per this video interview .

”I’m still working on it. It will be released within the next four months. All the songs are finished, but we’re in the process of adding strings… And then, we’re actually starting to mix some of the songs that have already been done. And there’s some cool artists on it. Serj sang two songs, and the AVENGED SEVENFOLD singer, Matt, he sang a song. And then I have a bunch of other friends that came. Tom Morello played guitar on a song.

”So, I know it’s been forever, but it will be released. I also had two kids between it, so when I had my kids, I stopped doing everything else and just concentrated on being a father. So, it takes time, but hopefully people will enjoy it.”

Good goddamn this new Megadeth artwork is fugly. And it’s still not ugly enough to distract from that bullshit title. Good luck it’s a compilation, possibly with a new cover track or two, or not. 35 songs, hand picked by Big Dave himself. All of which you own on their original albums already. And twice more as live versions of some sort.

And finally (but not really) the only piece of news the majority of you will be capable of caring of at this point, and I don’t blame you. The long-awaited return of Dismember!

The actual final news articles:

  • Chester Bennington’s likely last ever recorded performance on Mark Morton’s Totally-Not-Lamb-Of-God
  • New music video from the upcoming EP, Elämä Ei Tarvitse Minua, of melodeath/doomsters Kaunis Kuolematon
  • Another new Queensrÿche
  • The Yeehaw-Yankee groove metal band Incite exhibit poor taste by having Chris Barnes guest on their latest single. Shut up, all American are yankees to me.
  • Death/Doom (relative) newcomers God Disease are going to release their debut, Drifting Towards Inevitable Death, on February 15th through FDA Records. Second single online as we speak.
  • Type O Negative leftovers former members’ A Pale Horse Named Death is returning after a lengthy hiatus with their third record, new single out.
  • Soilwork + Tomi Joutsen from Amorphis = Needles and Kin?
  • Christiancore band August Burns Red released a metal cover of The Legend of Zelda’s theme song, to be included on their Phantom Sessions EP, out in February 8th.
  • I apologize for no insult
  • A video for a song called “Sick And Beautiful” from Fear of Domination’s Metanoia, released in last May.


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