The Painter’s Palette


Check out some photography from our favorite Ukrainian, tertius_decimus.

This is the post about my soul mate Danil. He’s a painter, musician and avid metalhead. During our city-of-origin yesteryears, we’ve spent many long days together in the field. He was making his craft, I was capturing his work in progress on camera. Pretty much an art tandem, right? I kid you not. Being a much better painter than myself (I’m more onto graphics/calligraphy bandwagon), he was constantly asking for my advice if he had encountered some constraints on the matter of composing, some detail issues or if colors as seen in person don’t match with what had found its way onto canvas. What you should read between the lines is that he’s no way a selfish snob; quite the contrary. Artists often work really hard to make a living, their income comes from daily jobs, which is the case here, so art has more like hobby status instead of being one’s main activity. Our silence sometimes can be deafening, like nobody cares about the art. We must express ourselves. It is not that huge a price to pay, right?

Warning: the article is picture-heavy.

Ephel Duath’s The Painter’s Palette is one of the most prominent acts in experimental metal. Fourth track matches perfectly to the subject of this article. Click it and scroll down.

There wouldn’t be many words to say. Pictures will speak for themselves. First of all, check out his Deviant Art page. In the second place, I want to thank Thrash’n’Kill for letting me share this article which is complete off-topic to Toilet Ov Hell’s paradigm. Thanks, Joe!


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