TMP: Gatecreeper, Obsequiae, Dawn Ray’d, and More!


<Intro omitted for clarity>. Other than that, it’s new music Monday!

More Gatecreeper, album out Friday.

New Obsequiae tracks to combat Dane Cross’ new album cover.


Some more Mayhem for your old guy needs.

  • Pentagram tour.
  • Mr. Bungle, Melvins, Cattle Decap, and Full of Hell shows.
  • New track from Dawn Ray’d.
  • Hammiches Schammasches new music.
  • Kick-ass violin shit from The Night Watch.
  • Warbringer (Good job having a nazi soldier in the very first second of your video, guys. When do we get your split with Sabaton?)
  • Hard-hitting black metal from 1349.
  • More Street Sects dates.
  • What you’d expect from Babymetal.
  • Inanimate Existence, Krosis, Symbolik tour.
  • Master Boot Record signed to Metal Blade.
  • Even more The Great Old Ones, new album October 25.
  • More of that melody metal from Insomnium.

Other new stuff:

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