TMP: Torche, Wormed, Those Darn Gnomes, and More!


A lot of news to sift through the morning.

New good fuzz from Torche.

Wormed announced a new EP, first single here.

This Pijn & Conjurer rules.

  • Premiere from Those Darn Gnomes for Biggest Jazz Boys.
  • Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Sick of it All tour.
  • East Coast Dead to a Dying World tour.
  • Melvins and Free Willy, I mean Flipper track.
  • Spear mentioned this huge tour, but here it is again.
  • The other huge tech tour Spear mentioned.
  • The Badtushka that won the name rights has a new song.
  • I don’t know what Heilung is doing but here’s a thing.
  • Rad hardcore from The Armed who signed with Sargent House.
  • Chili Con Carnifex with Alissa White-Gluz track.
  • Math homework from CHON.
  • Another Wreck and Reference.
  • More Abbath, album in July. Very creative with album art, huh?
  • Baroness acoustic premiere at Revolver.
  • Kataklysm, Exhorder, Krisiun, Hatchet tour.
  • Twilight Force has some new dragon material coming August 16, first track.
  • Rhapsody too.
  • And if you haven’t had enough of this shit, Northtale.
  • Oh please god make it stop, Wind Rose.
  • Some death doom from Hex.
  • Real big fuzz from Mammoth Storm.
  • Fetid, Cerebral tour.
  • Arkona, Metsatoll, Wind Rose North American tour.
  • Despised Icon, Kublai Khan, Ingested, Shadow Of Intent tour.

And the rest:

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