Kane Roberts – Beginning Of The End feat. Alice Cooper & Alissa White-Gluz: A Video Breakdown


Twist Of Kane Roberts

The name Kane Roberts may not ring any bells for you newer metalheads, but you definitely know who he is. More accurately, you know what he looks like. The former guitarist for Alice Cooper has gained a bit of notoriety on the internet over the past few years as a consistent entry on best or worst album covers depending on the writer’s opinion. I’m talking about this beauty:

Buff as hell. Guitar gun. Beautiful flowing locks. Haters will say it’s fake. They would be wrong. Kane is back with a new solo album and he brought along his friends Alice Cooper and, uh, Alissa from Arch Enemy. Huh. How about that? Let’s break down the new music video featuring this interesting trio.


It was nice of Alice to emerge from his crypt for this video.


More metal videos should come in cherry flavor.


“You are getting very leathery…”


That’s just how they say ‘hello’ in the Roberts household.


Man, I miss one episode of Black Lightning and now I’m completely lost.


I think Alissa filmed her scenes at one of those “Make Your Own Music Video” stores in the dead mall across town.


Ring around the Alice
Pocket full of…uh…um…phallus…okay, I’ll stop


“Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that have been rated the most passionate, the most pure – this one gave everyone radiation poisoning.”


Discount Jeff Jarrett lives on to create another ponzi scheme.


Kane Roberts’ new album The New Normal is out now via Frontiers Music srl.

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