TMP: Imperial Triumphant, Necrot, Vile Creature, and More!


Everything sucks real bad. Here’s some new music if you have the mental capacity for it. 

Dick’n’balls metal from Ulthar.

Voidceremony with that death.

New Imperial Trumpet. Doot doot.

Necrot bringing it.

  • New Hot Dad. Video watching required.
  • Mind-bending stuff from Underer.
  • Valkyrie has an ex-Baroness guy in it. It kinda sounds like that.
  • Melodeath from Drops of Heart.
  • Prog junk from Good Tiger.
  • Ingested did that exact same style of video that got ripped to shreds in a recent toilet cast.
  • Vile Creature still sounding promising on the new track.
  • Pure speed from Defeated Sanity.
  • New Lambchop of Dog.
  • Soilwork is decent but I was really worried it was a Schism cover at first.
  • Black Star Riders bring the lolbuttz.
  • Carnifex
  • Stygian Crown
  • -(16)-
  • Crushing the Deceiver
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